Single Sign-On

Look for this logo on your login screen! Single Sign-On
If you see the logo, then...
  • You enter your Standard ID and the same password for all Single Sign-On (SSO) applications.
  • If you change your password in one of the SSO applications, that will be your password for all other SSO applications.
  • In the future, when signed into a SSO application, you can link to another SSO application without being required to login again.
If you don't see the logo, then... 
  • Your password for this application is maintained separately from your Single Sign-On (SSO) password.
  • The application is not SSO even if it uses your Standard ID.
Note: To protect the privacy of your personal information, always logoff the system if you are away from your desk or if someone else will be using your PC. With SSO, this practice is even more critical.
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